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June 28 2015


Micro SD and SDHC Cards


SD cards were formally referred to as T-Flash and later Trans-Flash and created by SanDisk. The year 2000 saw the SDA (secure digital association) formed by three major companies Matsushita, Toshiba and SanDisk. The association then took over the development of the new memory to be called the SD cards. - sdhc vs sdxc

The micro SD is the smallest memory card in today market, its size 15mm-11mm-1mm and so are used in mobile phones, digital camera models, hand held computers and gps devices and many more.

SDHC(secure digital high capacity)

The SDA designed a new card referred to as SDHC and it was created to 2. 00 specifications. The standard micro card is similar dimensions but unless the host device recognizes the new specification it will not work. Both the micro SD and the micro SDHC are compatible with an adapter in devices using standard SD cards and often comes with a electro mechanical adapter for use in those devices.


The micro SD/SDHC Cards can be obtained with the following storage capacity:

micro SD: 32/MB, 64/MB, 128/MB, 2/GBs

micro SDHC: 4/GBs, 8/GBs, 16/GBs, 32/GBs

What's DTR?

DTR stands for data transfer rate.

microSD (DTR)

The pace in which the memory card will except information being stored, or in which the rate is reads from the card. The standard micro SD includes a data transfer rate of 100 Mbit/s along with a maximum SPI rate of 25 Mbit/s which os optional, it has 8 electrical contact pins about the underside the same as the micro SDHC.

microSDHC (DTR)

The SDHC comes in four memory sizes as we now know but each card comes with five speeds DTR rates they're class 2, class 4, class 6, class 8, class 10. Fundamental essentials transfer rates either 2MB, 4MB, 6MB 8MB or 10MB per second. This is a minimum transfer rate, imagine if we want to know the maximum rate how should we find that answer. You will need a card reader (cheap) and do your personal test. - sdhc vs sdxc

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